Year End Standings

2018 Final Class and High Point standings are now available!

We congratulate you on your achievements whether it was winning a class or high point award, achieving a goal, teaching or learning a new skill or reaching a new level of communication with your equine partner.  Your fearless efforts and faith in yourself and your horse have not gone unnoticed.   We admire your perseverance, commitment and courage and we are extremely grateful you chose to spend time with us this year! 


2018 Final Class Standings

2018 Final High Points Standings


In order to qualify for 2018 year end awards, horse owners & exhibitors must be current members in good standing of the Utah Paint Horse Club.  Points are tabulated from the date all applicable memberships are paid. 
For class awards, horses must be shown at a minimum of 3 UPHC approved shows and earn at least 10 points in the class to qualify.
For High Point awards, horses must show at a minimum of 3 UPHC approved shows and earn at least 10 points in 3 classes to qualify. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the results, please contact Shanae Nelson at (801) 719-2693 or immediately.

Standings will be considered final on November 26th, 2018.


In case of ties, horses are listed according to tie breaker results.

UPHC Year End points are awarded according to the following table:
# in Class123456-89-1112-1415-1718+ 
2nd 1234678910 
3rd  12345678 
4th   1233456 
5th    122234 
6th     11112 
7thNo points awarded for 7th place